What we do

Clear sighted thinking.
Technical expertise.

Types of projects

A common theme in recent years is residential developments of mixed-tenure which help achieve sustainable and balanced communities. These mixed-tenure schemes can include apartments and houses for market sale, shared ownership sale, market rent and social rent. Schemes may vary in size from as few as 15 dwellings to as many as 500. These projects are often ‘mixed-use’ which have included commercial spaces, recording studios, retail areas, bars and restaurants. ‘Section 106’ requirements of planning consents may require other community uses being incorporated within schemes, for example, health clinics, religious buildings, primary schools and community centres. Designing office buildings is also a key area of the firm’s work.

Fourpoint Architects is experienced in designing not only high density projects in town centre locations, sometimes being over thirty five storeys high, but also lower density projects in suburban and rural locations. Working with special needs groups and charities to design new buildings and premises has been an important area of the firm’s work.This also includes creating environments for older people to live in that are secure and which increase feelings of well-being as well as accommodating people with acute physical needs.

Other areas of expertise include design works to listed buildings which may involve their conversion to new uses and refurbishment.

Designing works to existing buildings can include conversion, change of use, re-modelling, extension and refurbishment and is an important area of the firm’s work. Housing estate refurbishment, often with tenants and leaseholders remaining in occupation during the course of the building works, is also a significant area of experience.The firm is also experienced in designing new buildings within conservation areas where designs need to respect and compliment the architectural character of the area.

What we do

  • Assess feasibility of sites and existing buildings
  • Masterplanning solutions
  • Preparation of conceptual architectural designs
  • Planning consents
  • Advise on cost planning and project procurement
  • Optimisation and rationalisation of planning consents
  • Detail and technical information for construction
  • Post-construction advice

The way we work

The firm’s aim is to consistently produce imaginative and thoughtful buildings and schemes which are responsive to their environment. The issues of global warming and the desire to progress toward the goal of buildings being carbon neutral, not only in their use, but also in their means of production, are informing new directions of architectural design more than ever before. A new architectural language is emerging giving very exciting opportunities for exploring new forms in buildings. Sustainable design solutions may include on-site renewable energy production while off-site production of whole building elements are routinely being considered. The regeneration of our towns and cities and the communities that lie within we believe should naturally take precedence over development into our countryside wherever possible. These are concerns and responsibilities that Fourpoint Architects takes seriously in the demanding discipline of architectural design.